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Ventilated comb foundation

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Our ventilated comb foundation had applied for national patent, patent number: ZL 2015 2 0933473.7
1.The material of the ventilated plastic foundation is much better than the traditional plastic foundation. It is firm, durable and long service life.
2.Ventilated plastic foundation have some ventilated cells, every cell has single force,unfavorable heat bilges cold shrink,the honeycomb can not be separate from plastic foundation, whatever in Winter or Summer.
3. Every ventilated cells can be painted natural beeswax, then has same roles with natural beeswax foundation, Suitable for the growing development of bee larvae, Then To help reduce illness.
4.The beeswax can be pained to the ventilated part, In favor to deliver better information between bees and Timely communication with each other.
5.The hard material prevent the hive beetle to hole, and it reduce the damage from the hive beetle.  
Size:432*209mm.Any other size can be produced according to your requirement.
Material: PC
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