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Beeswax foundation brief

发布时间: 2018/05/23 09:25
Beeswax foundation
Beeswax sheets are avaliable in two grade, premier(100% beeswax) and standard(40%beeswax).
Premier is our usual top quality wax blended from Chinese beekeepers. 
This is the top quality foundation which has been manufatured by YIXIANG for over 32 years’ running history.
 We base our reputation as being the leading manufacturer of beeswax foundation in the world.
In domestic market, Our standard grade is very famous and popular. 
This grade is manufactured with blended beeswax from a variety of sources, 
e.g. Grade two beeswax in Chinese beekeepers, recycling comb foundation from beekeepers. 
The beekeepers inclding our local beekeepers and the national’ s beekeeper.
After careful check, the beeswax honey comb sheets is packed in carton with paper between two sheets 
to help retain the delicate aroma and keep the hexagonal shape.
All foundation is packed in 30 sheets by box, then 5 boxes in one carton.
 And is manufactured in all regular size. Both in worker base and drone base.Wired or Unwired, 
Special sizes made to order.
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